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In 1981 I moved (or fled) from Seoul to New York City. Music was therapy as I tried to shake off some of the festering brain damage that fighting and fearing a brutal military dictatorship inevitably deposits into one's body and soul. The next ten years was an especially musical period for me. The Gipper was smiling at the Soviets on TV, telling them to tear down a wall while fighting his own clandestine wars and propping up ruthless dictators in our own empire. I produced a series of underground recordings, some of them bundled together with the pretense that they were "albums" and distribued via cassette tape. I performed live music for a number of avante-garde events, collaborated with poets, artists and musician friends, and spent many a Friday or Saturday night farting around on synthesizers in the background while others did the real work of partying in the foreground. Working with (my very-missed friend) Manuel Ramos Otero on projects like "Abberrant Ghosts Escape Island Graveyards Where Chrome Crucifixes Shine Backwards" was a highlight of the 1980s for me (but all of that work has apparently been lost). If only I'd realized then how temporary everything is. Some of the music from this period has been digitized (samples below), but most of it has gone the way of many of my collaborators.

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Fuzzy Blue 90's
"Say Yes (who cares if it's 1984)" (circa 1984, NYC)
"Dream" (circa 1985, NYC)
"Sound Number 36" (circa 1989, Paris)
"Why" (circa 1988, Paris)
"The World's on Fire" (circa 1983, NYC)
"Diet Lizard" (circa 1983, NYC)
"Beam Me Up" (circa 1982, NYC)
"2 Cloves of Garlic" (circa 1986, NYC)
"Art is the Imitation of Mistakes" (circa 1988, Paris)
"Better Hide It" (circa 1987, Paris)
"And Now the News" (circa 1984, NYC)
"Quote Unquote" (circa 1981, NYC)

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